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Taizhou automobile sound insulation noise reduction
Taizhou automobile sound insulation noise reduction
Choose the taizhou hui acoustic five reasons
Ten years accumulated tens of thousands of car modification experience

Each electric makeover,Are based on customer requirements,Based on the model structure of owners,More sound scheme is given,Let the owner can compare audition,Make a selection,Find a good sound you want。

Dongguan automobile sound insulation modified organization in the center
Good brand of car audio

Has rich brand line,Carefully selected world famous brand of car audio,For owners to provide more diversified choices。

Carefully selected world famous brand of car audio
Pay attention to construction quality and safety

Set a very high standard of sound insulation construction process,To ensure the quality of each modification of the construction vehicle。Spirit of persistence and perseverance and perfect craftsmanship,Pay attention to every detail。

To ensure the quality of each modification of the construction vehicle
A strong technical team

With more than6Years of experience in audio modification technician5Name,To study the modified technology at home and abroad on a regular basis,Participated in the United StatesIASCA、EuropeEMMA、MACE,Win many trophies。Three points know car stereo equipment,The laws of 7 minutes of debugging,We are committed to bringing the best sound to you。

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Stereo upgrade
Company profile
Dongguan automobile sound insulation noise reduction

Taizhou hui car audio modification was founded in 2013,Is a collection of brand agent,Product sales、Installation and technical training,Technical services as one of professional car audio。Company's main team members are working in the industry more than ten years,In the brand operation,Channel development,Technical training and service, etc, has the rich experience,At present,Hui's main operating brand: Germany“SO AUDIO”,Germany is highly respected“DEGO”,Gold acoustics“Golden Acoutics”,The United States”ABYSS”Power amplifier,Hollywood in the United States“HOLLYWOOD”,Through the exhibition,The stereo match,Training,Magazine,The way such as online advertising,So that hui car stereo sound and agent brand quickly recognized and accepted by the customer。At present,Have customers throughout the country165A,Core franchise chain customers42A。All over the country twenty provinces and cities。
The company spirit:Humility.Pragmatic.Passion.Innovation
Business philosophy:The good faith.A win-win situation.The team.The collaboration
Service concept:The perspective-taking、Service first
Hui Allies to provide more powerful、More professional technical training、Technical support team!

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