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Baylor(Qingyuan)The weaving co., LTD., for thirteen years dedicated to environmental pollution control field of cleaning and polishing materials。High reputation in the industry,Is a collection of production,Research and development,Marketing,Service in a body company。Product can be applied to many industries,Such as all kinds of coating surface(A car,Cruise ships,The plane,High-speed rail,Home appliance furniture、Machinery、Musical Instruments、Leather, etc);Clean the room(Pharmaceutical factory,Food processing plants,Electronics factory, etc)。

As long as the coating,As long as it is clean room,As long as the repair defect need our consumable,We are coating the surface of the cleaning solution professional providers。

Its products include4Big series:All kinds of professional functional cloths;Defect repair and polishing products;Machine from protective clothing;Pollution control products。




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The customer said:
We have car surface treatment in the UK20Years of experience,Cooperate with baylor8Years。When I visited Mr Le,See their factory,Clean and tidy,Production orderly。Especially this year, the new development of sticky grey cloth formula of environmental protection,Completely suitable for our market。In the market test,All test results are in good feedback,Sales in good condition。



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The good faith


Customers say, France:
We have more than in the field of European car surface treatment38Years,Cooperate with baylor faster20Years,Baylor was our first big suppliers。We work together for many years,Just place an order,Before shipping,TTPayment can be,Simple、Clear、Quickly
Baylor product is complete,One-stop service,Professional and reliable,Is the ideal partner。



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The service is good


Customers say, Belgium:
We cooperate with baylor7Years,Baylor is specializes in robot protection product,Also have years of experience in the field of robot global protection of one of the company。Baylor in the production of constant consistent product quality,Make the customer confidence in our products。We will continue to closely cooperate with baylor depth,Baylor is our trustworthy company。



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German clients said:
We have more than in the field of automobile surface treatment30For many years。2016Visited Mr Le,We feel surprised,Baylor's production processes like us,Operation specification ,First-class products,Let us surprised。So we work with baylor very safely。 Our company mainly is the Mercedes,BMW, etc,So quality is very high。



Baylor is committed to providing customers with first-class quality cleaning consumables products、

Sales of personalized service and a high level of after-sales service。

Qualification certificate


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Baylor has the qualification certificate of related products,Ensure the quality of the products。
Let the customer more trust to baylor products!

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Baylor(Qingyuan)The weaving co., LTD


phone:138 2850 6818
Pass The true:0763-3485091

Technical support for advice:1382 8506 818



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